Is Planning for me?

If you’re interested in geography, design, environmental science, politics, legal studies, architecture, property development, landscape architecture or people, a career in planning is ideal.

Do I want to shape the world?

Planning is one of the few professions where individuals wanting to make their mark in history, have the opportunity to do so. This is your chance to shape a better world!

Do I care about people and the environment?

If we are to ensure the future prosperity of our cities, we must reduce our impact on the environment. There will be an increase in the number of roles that relate to water management, climate change and conservation.

Am I a strategic thinker?

Planners must be able to analyse and evaluate key information objectively to determine the key areas that need addressing to develop and implement a successful plan.

Am I creative?

Planners devise solutions to meet the requirements of its people, natural resources and environment. This means Planners need to be adaptable, creative and innovative.

Am I a team player?

Planners work collaboratively with local government, environmental advisors, architects, technical experts, economists, and many other professionals in developing and implementing the strategy plan.

Do I love communicating?

Planners must be able to present information and ideas clearly and concisely to various stakeholders

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