Pathways to Planning

There are a number of pathways to becoming a planner. These are outlined in the flow here;

pathways to planning

Secondary Students

If you would like to shape the world that you live in and have an interest in people and the environment, then planning might be for you.  Some of the subjects that are relevant for a course in planning are geography, psychology, or legal studies. 

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Tertiary Students

If you’re currently studying at a tertiary level and are unsure of what path to take, consider a career in planning.  Many people choose Planning as a career for the opportunity to help shape the world they live in by creating sustainable, liveable cities.  Planning is a dynamic, creative and collaborative career and salary packages start from $50,000 at entry level.

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Mature Age Students

If you’re currently working and looking for a career change a career in planning might be for you.  There are many study pathways available here and for course guide information, go here.

Planning is a dynamic, creative and collaborative career and salary packages can go up to $150,000+ for senior roles.

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